My work is informed by my love of landscape and my concern about environmental matters. My paintings are both explorations into the qualities of paint and surface and also things which lie below the surface – my thoughts, emotions and the unconscious processes of my mind. I am grappling with questions of spontaneity versus design. I am working in a way which is removes my control of the painting- for exampe pouring, dripping and using cloths. In this openness there can be chance happenings which I can respond to on an unconscious level. One chance happening can lead to another and without any planning or preconceived design an image can emerge. These images can have symbolic and layered meanings for me which are sometimes only revealed on later contemplation

I am interested in the idea of aesthetic engagement and want to create work which allows the viewer to be drawn in. I hope to produce work which encourages a process of perceptual participation between the observer and the painting.

I am currently studying for my MA in Fine Art at the University of Brighton.