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Thank-you for your visit.  My work is inspired by the natural world and I hope to create works of art which reflect my feelings about spending time in nature.  A visit to the Amazon in 2019 and an Arctic residency in 2018 both gave me insights into the fragility of our environment and the imminent threat of the climate crisis.  

Throughout the 2020 pandemic, I’ve been largely confined to home and I feel very fortunate to live in the middle of the South Downs National Park: a landscape which always seems to me to be more up than down.   The thermals which rise from their slopes are home to buzzards, swallows and swifts as well as paragliders who seek to be airbourne for moments in time. From a biodiversity standpoint, lowland chalk grassland is one of our most valued and endangered habitats. I’m drawn to capture the landscape’s open and uplifting vistas which have a sense of airiness and wonderfully atmospheric light.  

I am currently represented by Kevis House gallery in Petworth, West Sussex and the Maze gallery in Barnes,London.  

My solo show in Lewes is planned for May 2021, please sign-up at the bottom of this page to hear more about it and also to receive my quarterly newletter.

For any enquiries please use the contact page.


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