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Visions of Elsewhere

These works have been inspired by visits to the far north.  Firstly Iceland in 2015 and 2016, followed by a three week expedition with the Arctic Circle Art and Science residency in Svalbard in 2018.  Finally I visited Greenland in August 2022.  Each trip gave me a different perspective on the geology and climate of these wild and remote locations.  In Iceland I walked under and over a glacier, delving deep into an ice cave and seeing hundreds of metres of blue glacier ice above me.  I walked over the surface of a glacier in May at the start of the melt season and experienced the surface being awash with streams of water.  In Svalbard I had a life changing experience spending 3 weeks at sea, seeing many glaciers and watching the awesome spectacle of calving events.  The most recent trip to Greenland in late summer 2022 allowed me to get up close to icebergs floating in Disko bay, Ilullisaat. 

It's difficult to put into words how profoundly these experiences affected me, so I paint and hope that viewers will connect on some level with my thinking and feeling about how awe-inspiring, precious and vulnerable the Arctic region is.

mountains, high north, arctic glacier

The beyondness of things
150 x 110cm
oil on wood pane

Ice fall, glacier, calving event,

Ice fall
110x 80cm
oil on wood panel


Greenland icefjord

Distant northern shore
100 x 100cmcm
oil on wood panel


ice floe

Ice Floe
Oil on wood panel
80 x 70cm

Arctic pastel dawn

Pastel arctic winter light
Oil on wood panel
80 x 70cm

indigo dreams

Indigo dreams
Oil on linen

70 x 50cm

Blue iceberg with starts

Dreaming of the polar night
60 x 40cm oil on wood panel


twilight disko bay

Twilight Disko Bay
60 x 40cm oil and gold leaf on wood panel


White paiting of ice

45 x 30 oil on wood panel


blue icebergs

Transient landscape I
30 x 24cm oil on reclaimed zinc plate

Hydrosphere abstract painting

28 x 16cm oil on reclaimed zinc plate


Some say the world will end in fire
45 x 30 oil on wood panel

A land beyond time

A land beyond time
45 x 30 oil on wood panel


arctic memories

Arctic Memories
60 x 40cm oil on wood panel


Glacier at night
Flowing ice
Red sky with ice

Night on the glacier II
20 x 20cm cm oil on wood panel

Colour of memory
30 x 30cm cm oil on wood panel

Red sky
30 x 30cm oil on wood panel


'You know of what I speak'
50 x 50cm oil on wood panel


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