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These works are originals made using natural processes of freezing and melting or the movement of the tide.  The frost works are made using melted glacier water and watercolour pigment.  Each work is a unique capture of a frost event here in Sussex where I live.  The tidal work was made in the Outer Hebrides.

Forst work 11th feb _in frame_2.jpg

Frost work 11th February 2022
Frost and watercolour on paper 100 x 70cm
Float mounted

adele gibson - arctic rising tide.jpg

Rising tide triptych
Watercolour on paper 100 x 50cm
Mounted and framed

watecolour made by frost on pae

Last frost - SOLD
Watercolour on paper 70 x 90 cm

frost work jan 2023  2 (3)_edited.jpg
forst work feb 2023_edited.jpg

Frost works Jan/Feb 2023
Watercolour on paper 27 x 35cm
Each mounted and framed

frost work image for RA copy (2)_edited.jpg

Frost work 7th Feb 2023 Watercolour on paper 20 x 20 cm
Mounted and framed

Frost work 9th Feb 2020 Watercolour on paper 18 x 24cm
Float mounted and framed

small frost work 3.tif

Frost work 11th Feb 2023
Watercolour on paper 27 x 27 cm
Mounted and framed

frost work 23rd feb 2022.jpg

Frost work 23rd Feb 2022- SOLD
Watercolour on paper 28 x 28 cm

frost work installation_edited.jpg

Frost work (set of 9 available individually)
Gallery installation
Frost and iron oxide on watercolour paper

Watercolour made by frost

Frosted metal
Watercolour on reclaimed aluminium sheet


adele gibson - first frost.jpg

First frost
Watercolour on paper
34 x 28cm
Float mounted

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